07 november 2023

New skin versions

My jAlbum skins have been updated:

FancyBox version 4.5.1.

PhotoSwipe version 5.7.2

LightGallery version 1.5.1

Slide Show 4 version 5.4.1

Survey of the changes:

  • If a description is given in a folder tile, a possible link is removed, because a link in a link will not work.

  • The description in a tile uses now also the 'Thumbnails text font-size', see this example album.

  • The Map.htt template file is changed so that the close button is better visible, see this example.

  • If a route map is shown with the OSM_Map.html web page made with my program MakeMap and the lightbox has been opened via a click in the thumbnail, you can now use the lightbox close button to return to the map, see this example. The latest version of MakeMap makes it also possible to disable opening the lightbox.

  • PhotoSwipe library version 5.4.2 is now used in res\photoswipe folder of the PhotoSwipe skin.

  • Style Blue has been added to the Slide Show 4 skin.

05 november 2023

New version 2.3 of my program MakeMap


Next items have been added or changed in version 2.3:

  • The close buttons on both map pages are now made with embedded buttons.
  • The download kml-file button has been removed from the Google Earth web page.

  • All skins do use now the same template file, the skin res directory is no longer used.

  • The MakeMap program can now also be used for the Plain skin, more info on this note.

  • If the new check-box 'Enable links' has been cleared, no Light-box with the corresponding slide page will be opened if you click on a waypoint in the map and next in the thumbnail.

You see the new check-box 'Enable links' at the top of the page:

If you clear check-box 'Enable links', no Light-box with the corresponding slide page will be opened if you click on a waypoint in the map and next on the thumbnail like this;:

See here for an example album which do not open the lightbox if you click in on the thumbnail.

You should clear this check-box if a lightbox of the skin can not be opened directly via an URL like this: ''https://andrewolff.jalbum.net/Sample_Project_Plain_inc/index.html?M18”, which opens the light-box for the 19th image in the album. It is recommended to clear this check-mark if you use an unmodified version of the Plain skin, unless you add the next user js-code via an include file 'user-code.js' to enable this:

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function()  {
    if ((window.location.search.length) > 0) {
        var str = window.location.search.substring(1);
        if (str.substring(0, 1) == "M") {
            str = str.substring(1);
        if ((str.substring(0, 1) != "f") && (str.substring(0, 1) != "_")) {

function openLightbox(slideNr) {
    if (slideNr < 0) slideNr = 0;
    const x = document.querySelectorAll(".main .card.image > .thumb,.card.video > .thumb");
    if (x) x[slideNr].click();

For an example, open this album.

More information in the Help-file and on the jAlbum forum.