20 oktober 2012

Compressing a Slide Show 3 album with program EditPhotoInfo

In the last version of program EditPhoto info, this function has been removed: you beter rebuild your album with the Slide Show 4 skin!

A slide show presentation made with the jAlbum program with an 'Improved slide show 3' contains for each picture a web page ('slide page'). You can replace these slide pages by one new page 'slidePageSS3.html' with my program EditPhotoInfo by clicking the 'Compress Slide Show 3 Album' button and next selecting the index file of the album:
This makes the space required for the album smaller, but more important, it removes the flashes you see sometimes in the slide show on a Windows PC with the Internet Explorer and the Google Chrome browser. You can't apply this with an album containing one or more movies.
After this action you can remove the old jAlbum slide pages by clicking button 'Remove SS3 slide pages'. Before you do that, you should possible execute one or more actions given below.
For making a compressed Slide Show 3 album, you should execute next actions in the following order:
  1. If there is a GPS track available for the pictures in your album, you can add the GPS locations to your pictures. Click 'Open...' and select one of the album jpg files. Next click the 'Tracklog...' button and select the gpx file of the track.
  2. Compose your panorama pictures with a stitching program.
  3. Open the viewer and remove the failed photos. Add descriptions for the pictures.
  4. Next you can change the picture names and other data by clicking the 'Change data ' button.
  5. Start the jAlbum program, select the 'Slide Show 3' skin on the left site of the window and adjust the skin parameters. Next generate the album. The jAlbum program will create the directory with the index file and a 'slides' sub-directory with for each picture an html file.
  6. If you like to add a waypoint file map.kml which shows all camera locations in Google Maps, you can fetch the Google Maps URL for that file by clicking the 'Link' button. Paste this address into the URL field 'Links' tab of the Slide Show 3 adjustments 'Links' tab. Generate the album again with this setting. It is important that fields 'Local map' and 'External URL' in the Options window contain the correct data.
  7. Check checkmark 'Google Earth links' and click 'Make files' if your pictures contain GPS data and you like to show for each slide the camera location in Google Earth. Checkmark 'Google Earth Waypoints' should be unchecked and in the Slide Show 3 adjustments 'General' tab you should uncheck 'Show locations in Google Maps'. If you also like to show the camera locations, check checkmark 'Google Maps links'. However if your album should only show the camera positions in Google Maps, you can skip this point and check checkmark 'Show locations in Google Maps' on the 'General' tab of the Slide Show 3 adjustments window.
  8. The next step are the optional special panorama web pages which can be made by the EditPhotoInfo program. These web pages are opened by the slidePageSS3.html page, but only if radio button 'Replace file' is selected and checkmark 'Show first a survey of the panorama' is checked before the panorama page is generated.
  9. After these steps, click the 'Compress Slide Show 3 Album' button and select the index page of the album. This action will put two new files in the slides directory: 'slidePageSS3.html' and 'slidePageSS3.js'. The right part of the window shows a log of changed files.
  10. If your pictures contain GPS data and you like to show all camera positions in one waypoints file, check checkmarks 'Google Earth Waypoints' and 'Use the web site photos' and click button 'Make files'. File map.kml is written to the index file directory. Checkmarks 'Google Earth links' and 'Google Maps links' should be unchecked. It is important that fields 'Local map' and 'External URL' in the Options window contain the correct data. Optionally add the tracklog to file map.kml with the Google Earth program and save it again in the index file directory.
  11. Remove now the jAlbum slide pages by clicking the 'Remove SS3 slide pages' button.
  12. Use an FTP program to put the slide files on your web-server.
For more information see the on-line helpfile of program EditPhotoInfo.
You can download program EditPhotoInfo from my download page.
Click here for more information over the Improved Slide Show 3 skin.