29 augustus 2023

Faster coding with the help of OpenAI ChatGPT


In the previous versions of my LightGallery, my FancyBox and my PhotoSwipe jAlbum skin, the menu did disappear if you scorll-up a thumbnails page.

I wanted to fix the menu a the top of the page if you scroll-up.

It is really amazing how fast you can do that with the help of the new AI ChatGPT  tool.

To see it open my ChatGPT conversation.

See the result in my France album.

I used ChatGPT too in my Plain-LG exercise to convert Groovy JAVA code to javascript code for use in the js-shell used by Laza.

That goes without problems as long as you know that you should replace the *Let* and *Const* statements in the ChatGPT code.

Here are two other examples for converting code:

Convert JAVA to JS.

Convert jQuery code into plain vanille javascript code

I posed next question to ChatGPT:

"Does there exists a browser for my windows 10 64 bits system where the cache is not used?".

This was the answer:

Here are a few browsers that offer options to control caching:

Epic Privacy Browser: This browser is designed with privacy in mind and offers a built-in option to disable caching. It's based on Chromium and is available for Windows 10.

Brave Browser: Another privacy-focused browser based on Chromium. While it doesn't provide an explicit option to disable caching, it has a Private Browsing mode that reduces data retention, and it blocks trackers by default.

Firefox: Although Firefox doesn't provide a straightforward way to disable caching completely, you can customize the caching behavior using about:config settings. Search for "browser.cache" in the configuration settings and adjust the values to control caching behavior.

Tor Browser: If privacy is your primary concern, the Tor Browser is an excellent option. It's based on Firefox but routes your traffic through the Tor network, offering a high level of anonymity. It limits caching and takes other measures to enhance privacy.

Comodo Dragon: This browser is based on Chromium and offers various privacy and security features. While it might not have an explicit caching toggle, it does provide options to clear browsing data automatically upon exit.Browser

I installed the *Epic Privacy Browser* and it seems to work fine to preview an album after a Make, but for daily use this browser is for me not suited: No Search possibility, no remembered passwords etc.