01 januari 2016

PhotoSwipe skin

The PhotoSwipe skin has the same index page as the Slide Show 4 skin, but the Slide page is replaced by the PhotoSwipe JavaScript gallery  developed by Dmitry Semenov.

For an example of an album made with the PhotoSwipe skin, click here and to see an album composed of several folders, click here.

So like the Slide Show 4 skin it is a small HTML5 compliant skin which gives maximum attention to your photos, because it will fill your screen with your photo, by adapting the image size to the screen size of your tablet or computer. The focus is not lead away by other small pictures or text.

Navigation and control is possible via the mouse and the keyboard on a PC and via one finger swipes on touch screen devices. On the slide page: Swipe left / right to the next or previous image, spread to zoom in, drag to pan, pinch to zoom out or close, tap to toggle the controls, double-tap to zoom.

The skin has a responsive layout of the thumbnails gallery: the number of thumbnails per row is reduced if the window width is reduced or you can select a presentation with an elastic table where the thumbnail size is adapted to the available space in the window.

The parameters to compose the index page are equal to the Slide Show 4 skin, so the Slide Show 4 skin manual  has been extended with the extra features of the PhotoSwipe skin so that both skins are described in the same manual.

Click here for the combined PhotoSwipe and Slide Show 4 manual.

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